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John Dee and His Exploration of Spirit Communication

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John Dee and His Exploration of Spirit Communication


Published on 27 December 2023 by Juan-S.

John Dee was a 16th-century English mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, and occultist. He is best known for his attempts to communicate with angelic beings through the help of a medium or scryer. He believed that these spirits could reveal the secrets of nature, the divine plan, and the future of humanity.

Dee's exceptional intellect led him to study at St. John's College, Cambridge, where he excelled in various subjects, including mathematics, astronomy, and navigation. Dee's interest in the occult began in his early years, when he studied various branches of esoteric knowledge, such as alchemy, Hermeticism, Kabbalah, and magic. He also amassed a large library of books on these topics, as well as rare manuscripts and artifacts. He was a respected scholar and advisor to Queen Elizabeth I, but he also faced suspicion and hostility from some of his contemporaries who accused him of sorcery and treason.

Dee was deeply influenced by Hermeticism and alchemy, ancient mystical traditions that sought to unlock hidden truths about the universe. His interest in esoteric knowledge led him to explore the realms of magic, astrology, and divination.

Spiritual Conversations and Angelic Encounters

Dee's most famous and controversial project was his attempt to contact the angels using a crystal ball or a polished mirror. He hired several scryers to act as intermediaries between him and the spirits, but the most successful one was Edward Kelley, a young man with a dubious reputation. Kelley claimed to see and hear the angels in the crystal, and relayed their messages to Dee, who recorded them in his diaries. The angelic entities imparted knowledge about divine mysteries, cosmology, and the structure of the universe. The angels spoke in a mysterious language that Dee called Enochian, after the biblical figure who was said to have walked with God. Together, they developed the Enochian system, a complex and symbolic language claimed to facilitate communication with angels and spirits. Dee diligently recorded the communications in various journals, creating a substantial body of work known as the Enochian manuscripts. The information received through these interactions was later compiled into the "Book of Enochian," a compilation of angelic revelations.

Dee and Kelley conducted hundreds of sessions with the spirits over a period of several years, from 1582 to 1589. They received various instructions, revelations, prophecies, and warnings from the angels, some of which were cryptic, contradictory, or disturbing. For example, the angels told them to travel across Europe, seeking patronage and protection from various rulers and nobles.

Legacy and Influence on Occult Traditions

Dee's interaction with the spirits had a lasting impact on his life and legacy. He hoped to gain divine wisdom and insight, but he also faced criticism and ridicule from many of his peers and authorities. His legacy has been a subject of debate, with some viewing him as a visionary mystic and others as a misguided enthusiast.

Despite controversy, Dee's work significantly influenced later occultists as Dee's diaries and writings have fascinated and influenced generations of scholars, occultists, and artists. His Enochian system of angelic communication has been studied and practiced by various groups and individuals.

John Dee's engagement with spirits and his pursuit of occult knowledge remain a fascinating chapter in the history of mysticism. Whether revered or criticized, his contributions have left an indelible mark on the esoteric traditions that continue to captivate the imagination of those interested in the intersection of science, spirituality, and the supernatural.

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